Receive a Miscellaneous Payment

Create a miscellaneous receipt whenever you receive a cash, check, credit card, or electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment from a vendor, employee, or other non-customer entity.

To create an entry for a payment from a customer, use the Enter Customer Receipts screen.
  1. Enter the details of the payment and assign it to a posting group.
  2. Review the miscellaneous payments in the posting group on the Cash Receipts Posting Journal screen.
  3. Modify the details of the miscellaneous payments if needed.
  4. Post the miscellaneous payments in the posting group.
Once you post a miscellaneous payment, you can no longer modify it. If you need to make any changes after posting, Void a Miscellaneous Payment and then repeat the process described above.
After you receive a miscellaneous payment, you may want to: