Create a Record of Employment – Canada

Create a record of employment (ROE) when an employee experiences an interruption of earnings or when Service Canada requests one.

If needed, you can select internal users who should review the ROE. Reviewers should use the steps outlined in the Review and Approve Records of Employment – Canada topic to review a ROE. Once you have created a ROE, you can create a PDF file from a ROE form that you can view, print, or send in an e-mail. In addition, you can create an XML file for a ROE for submittal to Service Canada using ROE Web.
Note: You can only use document routing if you have selected the Document Routing Distribution Control checkbox on the Document Management Settings screen.
  1. On the Employee screen, update the employment status for the employee.
  2. On the Enter Record of Employement screen, create a record of employment for an employee.
  3. Optional: If needed, contact the reviewers to advise them to review the ROE.
  4. Optional: On the View Tasks screen, periodically view the status of the document routing for the ROE to monitor the review process.
  5. Once the ROE is approved, manage the ROE, the PDF file, and XML file as needed and submit to it to Service Canada.
After you create a ROE, you may want to Run Employee Reports.