Export Certified Payroll Data for Use in a Third-Party Application

This procedure describes how to generate and export certified payroll records to a format that is ready for use in a supported third party reporting application.

Set up the required certified payroll report categories on the Fringe and Deduction Reporting Categories screen and assign them to Fringe Benefits screen and Deductions screen as appropriate.
  1. Open the Certified Payroll Data Export screen by selecting Employees > Reports > Certified Payroll Data Exportin the All Tasks pane.
  2. Note the active country. If you want to change it, click in the header and select the appropriate country.
  3. In the fields on the Options tab, complete the following steps.
    1. In the Select Format field, click and select Certified Payroll Data Export (3rd Party) or a modified version of this format.
    2. In the fields for Certified Payroll Categories 1 through 7, click and select the corresponding category from a Lookup List.
      Note: Each category must be mapped appropriately to ensure that the data is exported to the correct columns.

      If you have named your categories as suggested in the steps for Setting Up Certified Payroll Reporting Categories, you will map Certified Payroll Category 1 to Cat1, Certified Payroll Category 2 to Cat2 , and so on.

      If you used your own naming convention for the categories, select the category based on the following relationships:

      Report Criteria Field Value Column Name on Report
      Certified Payroll Category 1 Vacation Holiday and Dues ep_vac_hol
      Certified Payroll Category 2 Health and Welfare ep_haw
      Certified Payroll Category 3 Pension ep_pension
      Certified Payroll Category 4 Training ep_train
      Certified Payroll Category 5 Union Dues dts_dues
      Certified Payroll Category 6 Savings dts_savings
      Certified Payroll Category 7 All other employer payments ep_all_other

      For example, you should map Certified Payroll Category 1 to the category for vacation, holiday, and dues payments. When the report is generated, the amount in this category is displayed in the column named ep_vac_hol.

    3. Complete the other fields on the Options tab as needed.
  4. Click Run Report. The report displays on the Report tab.
  5. On the Report tab, click and select Excel.
  6. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the report.
  7. Enter a file name for the saved report.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Navigate to the folder where the report was saved and open the file.
  10. Rename the sheet that contains the certified payroll records to Sheet1 and save the file. The file is now ready for upload to LCPtracker Pro or LCPcertified.