Manually Enter Employee Time Card Data

Manually enter employee time card data to record time worked for employees whose time card data isn't automatically generated or imported. You can also record paid time off for employees.

If you haven't already done so, initialize the payroll cycle and associate it with a posting group on the Start a Payroll Cycle screen.
  1. On the Enter Time Card by Employee screen, enter employees' time card data.
    Note: If you cleared the On Enter Time Card By Employee Screen checkbox on the Payroll Settings screen, you need to force ProContractor to calculate taxes and deductions.
  2. Review various payroll reports to confirm the employee time cards:
    • Payroll Hours and Earnings Report
    • Pay Cycle Employee Time Card Report
    • Pay Cycle Employee Time Card Report for Import Group
    • Pay Cycle Equipment Usage Report
    • Pay Cycle Withholding Report
    • Pay Cycle Fringes Report by Employee
    • Pay Cycle Fringes Report by Profit Center
  3. Modify hours and earnings for employee time cards, as needed.
  4. Adjust details of payroll transactions, including withholding and fringe benefit amounts, taxes and additional pay, as needed.
  5. Adjust details of employee paid time off (including time off accrued or paid) on the Adjust Payroll Checks and Advices screen, as needed.
  6. If you modified employee time cards or adjusted any payroll transactions, recalculate taxes and deductions for the posting group on the Calculate Taxes and Deductions screen.
Once you manually enter time card data for an employee, you still must run payroll to print payroll checks and direct deposit advices, post the payroll transactions, and create the direct deposit transfer file.
After you enter employee time card data manually, you may want to: