Run and Print Journal History and Posting Journal Reports

You can run and print journal history reports for many modules.

You can locate reports by selecting the module from the All Tasks pane, opening the Reports folder, and then opening the Journal History folder. For more information on running standard reports, see Run and Print Reports.
  1. Open the applicable journal history report.
  2. Note the active company. If you want to change it, click in the header and select the appropriate company.
  3. In the Journal Sequence field, enter the journal sequence number or click to select the journal sequence number from a Lookup List. (The lookup list also displays the user who posted the journal and the date each journal sequence number was posted.)
  4. In the Select column, select the checkbox for each posting group to display on the report.
  5. Click Run Report for correct report.
  6. Once the report displays, you can use the toolbar to navigate through the report. To search the report, click , enter search criteria, and click Find.
  7. To print the report, click and then click Print. Optionally, you can click to set the page setup options or click to view a preview of the printed report.
  8. If you want to save the report:
    1. Click and select a report format. Options may include Microsoft Excel (XLS), Microsoft Word (DOC), or PDF.
    2. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the report.
    3. Enter a file name for the report and click Save.