Count Inventory

Count inventory to check that the quantities of inventory items in a warehouse matches the quantities recording in the application.

  1. Create inventory count sheets for the items you want to count.
  2. Print worksheets to use in the warehouse to record the item quantities.
  3. Count inventory and record the item quantities on the printed count sheet.
  4. Create an inventory count entry and assign it to a posting group on the Enter Inventory Counts screen.
  5. Review the inventory count entry in the posting group.
  6. On the Inventory Missing Count Report screen, review any items included on the count sheet but not counted.
  7. Review differences between the expected quantities and the actual quantities on the Inventory Count Variance Report screen.
  8. Modify the details of the inventory count entry, if needed.
  9. Post the inventory count entry in the posting group.
    Important: Enter inventory entries in the order they occurred. Always post inventory entries immediately to ensure that inventory quantities and values are updated correctly.
Once you post an inventory count entry, you can no longer modify it. If you need to make any changes after posting, use the Enter Inventory Adjustments screen.
After you count inventory, you may want to: