Manually Create a Customer Lien Release

Create a customer lien release to notify a customer about releasing a lien for project work completed. Create progress lien releases to incrementally release portions of the lien notice as payments are received, and then create a final lien release record when the job is completed and all payments have been received.

Before you can create a customer lien release, you must Manually Create a Customer Lien Notice.
Tip: You can also automatically create a customer lien release. See Automatically Create a Customer Lien Release for details.

If needed, you can select internal users who should review the lien release. Reviewers should use the steps outlined in the Review and Approve Liens topic to review a lien release. Once you have created the lien release, you can create a PDF file of a customer lien release form that you can view, print, or attach to an email.

  1. On the Enter Customer Lien Notice & Release screen, update the lien notice with a lien release.
  2. Select the users and/or the document routing distribution group to review each lien release.
  3. If needed, contact the reviewers to advise them to review the lien release.
  4. On the View Tasks screen, periodically view the status of the document routing for the lien release to monitor the review process.
  5. Once the lien notice is approved, manage the lien release and the PDF file. You can view it, print it, or attach it to an email.
  6. View the details of the lien notice and releases created.
  7. View the details of the lien releases created. Print lien releases as needed. Send email with multiple lien notice and release PDF files attached.
After you create a customer lien release, you may want to Run Project Reports.