Change an Invoice Number

You can change the number of a posted invoice without voiding and reentering the entire invoice.

Some invoices cannot be changed. They include:
  • Adjust - Void & Delete - posted or unposted
  • Pre-Payment - posted or unposted
  • Recurring Template Saved
  1. Go to Vendors > Setup > Change Invoice Number.
  2. In the Vendor field, choose the vendor the invoice belongs to.
  3. Click Retrieve.
    A list of possible matching invoice numbers appears.
  4. In the Old Invoice Number column, locate the invoice number you want to change.
    Tip: If helpful, enter the invoice number in the Old Invoice Number column filter.
  5. In the New Invoice Number column of the corresponding row, enter the new invoice number value.
  6. Click Save.
ProContractor validates your newly entered invoice number to prevent duplicating any.
Any reports or screens already open with this invoice number must be refreshed/reopened in order to reflect the new invoice number.