Allocate Financial Cost Items in Alternates

Financial items can be allocated back or spread to all cost items in an alternate, the cost items that meet certain criteria, or to the values of a WBS code. This allows the calculated value of the financial item to be incorporated in other cost item’s extended cost. The amount allocated can be shown or hidden using Work with Columns.

Before allocating financial cost items, you must define the method of allocation. The four methods of allocating a financial cost item are:

  • None — This clears an allocation for a financial cost item or it defines a financial cost item as not allocated.

  • Select cost items by query — This allows you to define the allocation for the financial cost item based on a query you create.

  • All cost items — This allows you to allocate the financial cost item into all the non-financial items in the alternate.

  • WBS codes — This allows you to allocate the financial cost item into different WBS codes, such as bid items or project phases.

Then you must select whether you want to pro-rate the allocation based on the cost of each cost item or spread the allocation equally among the cost items.