Post an Alternate to the Estimate

Use the Post option to copy an alternate's cost items to the estimate. Once you post an alternate, all cost items associated with that alternate become a part of the estimate. Posted alternates are still listed on the Alternates tab, but they are grayed out to reflect their posted status. For more information on statuses, see the Status of an Alternate.

Posted alternates and their cost items can no longer be managed from the Alternates tab; they must be managed from within the Estimate tab instead. The only exception to this is that posted alternates can be deleted from the Alternates tab, but the cost items are not removed from the estimate.

When you first add a cost item to an alternate, you select one WBS code in the estimate to be renamed "Alternate." Any cost item belonging to a posted alternate will have its alternate's reference code displayed in this column. You cannot change the values for the Alternate WBS code.

A new filter is automatically created in the Estimate tab for each posted alternate's reference code, allowing you to view cost items that were brought into the estimate as part of a specific alternate. The filter is named based on its reference code. If an alternate has a reference code of A1, the associated filter is aA1.

If you created a group of alternates, only one alternate in the group can have a status of Acceptable. When you post the alternate with the Acceptable status, the status of remaining alternates in the group is changed to Rejected.

If necessary, you can retract a posted alternate from an estimate. The cost items are removed from the estimate and the status of the alternate is changed to Acceptable. If the retracted alternate is a member of a group, the status of the rejected alternates is changed to None.

To open a job in the Manage Estimates screen, click Estimating > Estimating > Manage Estimates in the All Tasks pane. Then select the job you want to open, and click OK.