Build a Crew by Production Rate

Sometimes the details of a crew are either unknown or unnecessary. It is sufficient to know the total hourly cost of the crew and its production rate. This information can be used to develop a single cost item that represents the entire crew. This cost item can then be used instead of a list assembly as described above.

To do this, create a cost item for the crew and set units to the unit of the production rate, such as feet or cubic yards. Then select hourly cost instead of base cost and enter the hourly cost of the full crew. Enter the appropriate production rate. The cost of the crew is calculated based on the quantity of units entered.

Using a production rate of 100 LF per hour and an hourly cost of $63.25:





Unit Cost


Labor Hours

Person Hours

Truck Crew








You must set the labor hours to the actual man hours. The labor hours are directly for man-hours when you enter an hourly cost.

This method is quick and works, but it is not easy to change and it does not describe the crew in any way. In the future, you may wonder how the numbers were created. Therefore, this method is not recommended for anything other than small, one-of-a-kind estimates.

Important: If you use this method to build your crews, don't select these crews on the Crew tab of a visual assembly because these crews already have a production rate entered. You should select the crews as Miscellaneous cost items of the visual assembly.