Copy component groups and lines from other enterprise level assemblies

  1. Right-click on the grid and select Copy From.
  2. In the Copy From field, do one of the following:
    • Enter the code that identifies the assembly setup from which you want to copy.

    • Click to select the assembly setup from a Lookup List.

  3. In the Copy Group column, select the checkbox for each component group you want to copy to the assembly setup.
    Note: When you select a component group, all component lines are automatically selected. If you deselect component lines, the component group will not be copied. If you need to remove component lines from a copied component group, remove the component lines from the Components tab of the Assembly setup after you complete the copy for the component group.
  4. Click next to a component group to view the component lines.
  5. In the Copy Line column, select the checkbox for each component line you want to copy.
    Note: If you select component lines without selected the component group, the lines are copied into the component group selected on the Components tab when you clicked Copy Group.
  6. Click OK.