Update Cost Items Using the Estimating Explorer

Use the Estimating Explorer to update the details of cost items between catalogs and estimates. For example, you could use this feature to update your catalog with updated cost items and prices of items from a catalog created by another user.

The cost items you select to update must have the same reference and cost item type in both the source and target. If either the reference or cost item type doesn't match, the cost item is not updated.

When you update cost items in the Estimating Explorer, the following fields of information are updated:

  • Units

  • Base Cost

  • Based On

  • Hourly Cost

  • Production Rate

  • Markup

  • Waste Percentage

  • ReUse Factor

  • Round Up

  • Labor Hours

If the cost item you update is an assembly, the base cost is not updated. If the cost item is a financial cost item, the quantity is updated.

When you update cost items using this feature, you can select to update WBS code and Export code values. However, the WBS code structures are not copied. See Copy Globals Using the Estimating Explorer for information on copying WBS code structures.

To open a job in the Manage Estimates screen, click Estimating > Estimating > Manage Estimates in the All Tasks pane. Then select the job you want to open, and click OK.