Import from Master Builder

Use the Estimating Import/Export Tool to import data through the Master Builder API using WBS codes.

To perform the import, you must have the Master Builder API running and know where the Master Builder database resides on your hard drive. Consult the Master Builder documentation for more information.

Master Builder and ProContractor communicate using WBS codes. For the import/export process to work, you will need to configure WBS codes in ProContractor as follows:

  • Bid Item

  • Cost Code

  • Division

  • Part Number

  • Phase

  • Task

  • Vendor

See WBS and UBS Codes for more information on configuring WBS codes.

Importing from Master Builder into ProContractor will ultimately build a WBS structure in ProContractor that will allow you to choose values given by Master Builder and apply them to WBS codes on your cost items.

To open a job in the Manage Estimates screen, click Estimating > Estimating > Manage Estimates in the All Tasks pane. Then select the job you want to open, and click OK.