Cut, Copy, and Paste Items in NotePad

Use the cut, copy, and paste features to manipulate information in the NotePad. You can cut or copy:

  • A single cell of information

  • An entire row of information

  • Multiple rows of information

Once you have cut or copied the information, you can paste it in another part of the NotePad. When you cut and paste information in the NotePad, you are moving the information from one part of the NotePad to another. If you cut information and don't paste it, the information will be deleted.

When you copy a row that has an annotation in Takeoff associated with it, you can choose to copy the annotation as well as the row. When you cut a row that has an annotation in Takeoff associated with it, the annotation is also cut. By selecting to make a "copy" of the annotation, you can paste it back into the Takeoff. Note that annotations pasted into the Takeoff are pasted in the upper left corner of the sheet.

You can also move lines to another location in the NotePad. This feature enables you to rearrange and reorder lines in the NotePad tab. If you want to rearrange all the lines in or specific groups in the NotePad, it is recommended that you use the Sort, Subtotal, and Filter the Notepad feature.

To open a job in the Manage Estimates screen, click Estimating > Estimating > Manage Estimates in the All Tasks pane. Then select the job you want to open, and click OK.