Perform Shape Recognition

Use the Performing Shape Recognition tab to have ProContractor search your plans for count cost items based on a selected image.

For example, you can search your plans for a type of light fixture by selecting an image of the light fixture on the plan. Use the Set Search Parameters popup window to select the images for which to search.

When ProContractor finds matches on the plan, it highlights the matching images. The highlight color indicates the degree to which the images match. Highlight colors include:
  • Green - High-confidence match (that is, an image that matches the search image closely)

  • Red - Similar match (that is, an image that shares characteristics with the search image, but not enough for ProContractor to consider it a high-confidence match)

  • Blue - Matches an image not currently selected for search

  • Yellow - Selected matches

  • Blue Hatch - Item has been added to the takeoff

Use the Match Parameters popup window to set the tolerance that ProContractor uses to determine high-confidence matches and similar matches. For more information, see Customize Match Parameters.

Once ProContractor finds matches, you can associate them to cost items and add (or subtract or replace) them to the NotePad and/or the working total, or you can add them to the estimate, an alternate, or a change order, in which case an annotation is added to the Takeoff tab for each matched item.

To open a job in the Manage Estimates screen, click Estimating > Estimating > Manage Estimates in the All Tasks pane. Then select the job you want to open, and click OK.

Shape Recognition Rools

There are several shape recognition tools that you can use in the process of digitizing your plans. Shape recognition tools include the following:



Use Select to select matches in the Takeoff area of the Shape Recognition tab. Hold Ctrl to select multiple matches. You can use Select in conjunction with Select Match and Select Similar. Selected matches are highlighted in yellow.

Click Deselect to unselect all currently selected objects.

Use Crop Processing Area to select a portion of the plan to search. The area selected is shown in gray.

The cropped processing area only determines the area of plan to search; it does not affect the selection of matches. Cropping the processing area allows you to skip looking for matches in areas of your plans that do not have matches, such as the border or notes area. ProContractor can also search smaller areas more quickly.

Use Process to have ProContractor search the entire plan or, if specified, the cropped area for matches.

Any matches that have not been "finished" using Takeoff Group in the searched area will be deleted when you click Process.

ProContractor may not find all the matching images on the plan. Click Add Object and click on the images on the plan to add them to the high-confidence matched images. Click Add Object again when you are finished adding matches.

Click Delete Object and click on matched images on the plan to remove the match. You can remove matches ProContractor found and matches you added manually. Click Delete Object again when you are finished deleting matches.

Click Select Match to select all high-confidence matches on the plan, which are highlighted in green. You can select both high-confidence matches and similar matches at the same time. Selected matches are highlighted in yellow.

Click Select Similar to select all similar matches on the plan, which are highlighted in red. You can select both high-confidence matches and similar matches at the same time. Selected matches are highlighted in yellow.

Use Takeoff Group to "finish" the selected matches as annotations to the Takeoff tab and as cost items to the estimate, alternates, or change orders.

Click to the right of Options to select one of the following:

  • Cancel Processing - Select this option while processing to cancel the process.

  • Search Parameters - Select this option to define the images for which you want ProContractor to search your plans.

  • Match Parameters - Select this option to set the tolerances for determining when an image matches your plans.

  • Reload Image - Select this option of you have changed the appearance of your sheets in the Takeoff tab to show those changes in the Shape Recognition tab.

Similar to the Takeoff tab, the Shape Recognition tab has a zoom bar, which you can use to change the magnification of your plans. The zoom bar is located on the left side of the Takeoff window. Move the slider on the zoom bar up to increase the magnification; move it down to decrease the magnification. You can also click on the Takeoff window and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to increase or decrease the magnification.