Use a Library

The library contains takeoff items you use on jobs. You can have several different libraries (for example, one library for sitework jobs and another for concrete jobs), and you can store an unlimited number of takeoff items in each library. The library allows you to take off quantities and store them in the NotePad, or to interact with the Working Total, without interacting with any Estimate items. The library is available on the Takeoff tab and the Shape Recognition tab, but the takeoff items can only be managed from the Takeoff tab. See Digitize Library Items for more information on performing takeoff using the library. See Perform Shape Recognition for more information on performing shape recognition using the library.

Takeoff items are a simplified type of cost item. They have a reference, description, comments, and if you select a type, an annotation. However, they do not have any of the other features of cost items, such as cost, WBS codes, export codes, and attachments. Takeoff items can be used to create basic cost items when you send them to the estimate from the notepad or working total, but you will need to add additional information.

Each library is organized into groups, based on the different types of takeoff items, such as count items, length items, area items, and volume items.

When you add an item, you can assign a user account to that item. When you view a library you can select to display items for your user account, other user's accounts, and no user account.

In addition, you can Import a Library and use the Estimating Explorer screen to manage libraries.

To open a job in the Manage Estimates screen, go to Estimating > Estimating > Manage Estimates. Select the job you want to open, then select OK.