Customer Setup

Enter details on your customers and other accounts receivable settings.

First complete the Vendor Setup process. If you also need to track inventory, complete the Material Setup processes first as well.

  1. On the Accounts Receivable Revenue Type screen, create the revenue types for your receivables and associate those revenue types with your companies.
  2. Create classifications for your customers.
  3. If needed, define the finance charges that can be applied when a customer invoice remains unpaid for a configured number of days.
  4. Optional: Set up customer defaults for customer entry or import.
  5. Set up your customers by entering them manually and/or by importing them from a Microsoft Excel file, a TSV file, or QuickBooks.
  6. On the Customer Price Agreement screen, record any contracts or price commitments with your customers that are not related to a project, subcontract, or equipment item.
    Note: If you have any contracts or price commitments that are related to a project, subcontract, or equipment item, you will record them later.
  7. Review the customer setup.

Once you complete the customer setup process, continue to the project setup process.