Material Setup

Enter details on your inventory items and their locations. This enables you to track inventory items for purchasing.

Complete the Vendor Setup process first.

If you don't need to track items for purchasing, you can skip this material setup and go to Customer Setup.

  1. Define locations (warehouses, trucks, or any storage sites) where you keep your inventory items using the Warehouse screen.
  2. Optional: Set up category defaults for item category entry or import.
  3. Create categories to classify your stock items.
  4. Add any required measurement units.
  5. Add any required rules for converting measurement units.
  6. Optional: Set up item defaults for catalog item entry or import.
  7. Set up your inventory items by either entering them manually or by importing them from Microsoft Excel.
  8. Record any contracts or price commitments you have with your vendors for stock items.
  9. Review the material setup.
Once you complete the materials setup process, continue to the Customer Setup process.