Apply and Activate Your Server License

Apply and activate the license you received from Viewpoint.

In order for users to log in, your application license must be activated on the ProContractor server.
Note: In order for you to activate your server's license, the following must be true:
  • You have an account on
  • The license has not expired.

    You have the option to apply the license with activating it. Doing so allows logging in to the application at the server, but does not allow logging in to the application from a workstation. If you previously took this option, open the application and resume on this page with step 3.

The process of activating your license verifies that your version of the application is fully licensed and that you are eligible for updates and support.

During activation, the ProContractor application obtains information from the computer/server and uses that information to generate your activation code.

Typical occasions to apply and/or activate your server license:

  • Installing your application for the first time.
  • Upgrading your application.
  • Changing your license agreement, such as adding licenses or a new module, such as ProContractor Mobile.
  • Extending the duration of your current license.
    Note: If you purchased ProContractor and you didn't receive your server license, Contact Trimble Viewpoint.
To apply and activate your application license:
  1. Double-click on the server license that you received from Viewpoint.
  2. On the License File tab, click Apply License.
    Once you apply your server license, you have a limited number of days to activate it. You have the option to apply your license without activating it, which gives you access to the application for a period of time, but prevents anyone from logging in to it from a workstation.
  3. When you are prompted to activate your server license:
    • If you intend to activate your license, click Yes and take the remaining steps on this page.
    • If you want to apply your license without activating it, click No and skip the remaining steps on this page.
      Until you activate your license, each time you log in at the server, you will be prompted to do so. During this period, you can use all the functions and features your license allows.
      CAUTION: Activate your server license before the activation period expires. Expired licenses cannot be activated and also prevent logging in to your application. When you're ready to activate it, resume with this step.
  4. Click Activate manually by entering a code.
  5. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy your machine code to the Windows clipboard.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Log in to the Viewpoint Customer Portal.
    1. Open an internet browser and access
    2. Enter your username and password.
    3. Click Login.
  8. From the Support Portal Home page, click Products > ProContractor > Activate Software.
  9. Locate the serial number and description that you want to activate.
  10. In the Machine Code field for that serial number and description, paste your machine code.
  11. Click Activate License.
    When the screen refreshes, an activation code appears next to the machine code you just entered.
  12. Return to the ProContractor Activation Program.
  13. On the Activate Manually screen, the activation code appears in the Activation Code field. If it doesn't, copy and paste the code you obtained from
  14. Click Activate.
  15. Click Continue.
After you have successfully applied and activated your license, the login screen appears.
If you are installing a server-based network and will be using a Firewall you will set up on your own, the next step is Configure Your Firewall. If you'll be using the default Window Firewall that comes with SQL Server, see Install ProContractor on a Workstation.