Log Users Out Automatically

Before performing system maintenance tasks, your administrator should make sure all users are logged out of the system.

For example, when you update the system or take a backup, all users should be logged out of the system. Similarly, if you need to free up a license for another user, you can automatically log users out of the system using License Monitor. See When to Log Users Out of ProContractor Automatically for more details.
Important: When forcing logout, all unsaved changes will be lost. Try to contact users before forcing logout.
  1. On the server where ProContractor is installed, open Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the folder location where your application is installed.
    Note: If you happen to accept the defaults when you installed your application, the folder location is this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxwell Systems\ProContractorMX.
  3. Double-click Maxwell.Stp.LicenseMonitorApp.
    The ProContractor License Monitor appears.
  4. Expand the Active Users node and select the checkbox for each user you want to automatically log out.
  5. In the Users menu, choose one of the following options, and then select OK to proceed:
    • Automatically Log Out Selected Users - provide users a window of time to save their work and log out of the application before the system closes their session automatically.

      Result: the Log Out Users window appears. You may opt to modify the system-defined message and change the default value in the . Log user out in {n} minute(s) field. Each logged-in user receives a pop-up window alerting them that their session will end after the number of minutes you chose in the alert.

    • Cancel Automatic Log Out for Selected Users - if the timer for automatic logout hasn't ended, you can cancel it for your given selection of users, chosen from among those still logged in.

      Result: for the user(s) you selected, the pop-up disappears.

    • Force Log Out for Selected Users - end user sessions without warning.

      Result: the system ends each user's session without warning.