Upcoming Changes for Customers Using Hosted Remote Desktop Services

Information for IT administrators in organizations whose users access their applications using RDP.

Information for end users is at Updated Remote Desktop Client.

This article applies to administrators of hosted customers using the following:
  • Viewpoint for Cloud (VFC)
  • Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud (VEC) using Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • ProContractor Cloud (PCC)
  • Trimble Construction One / ViewpointOne accessing Vista using RDP


Joins us for a live webinar to learn about this migration. Choose the most convenient option at this Zoom registration page: NetApp to Azure Virtual Desktop Migration.

If you're unable to join a live session, please watch this recorded webinar for a quick summary of the changes.

What is changing?

We are relocating our remote desktop services (RDS) infrastructure from NetApp Virtual Desktop Service to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

Why are we doing this?

Trimble Viewpoint's vision is to transform the construction industry through both digital and data transformations. We look to strategic technology partners such as Microsoft to help accelerate our portfolio innovation.

By relocating more of our RDS infrastructure to Microsoft AVD, we are able to take advantage of their significant cloud investments, such as collaboration, data processing and management, and security. In addition, several of our other solutions, including Viewpoint Team, Vista, and Viewpoint Analytics rely on Microsoft Azure.

Trimble Viewpoint remains committed – independent of our cloud technology partners – to providing a secure, reliable, and cost-effective cloud hosting infrastructure to our customers.

Who is impacted by this change?

ProContractor and Viewpoint Estimating customers who use the NetApp Virtual Desktop Service are impacted. This means ProContractor Cloud (PCC) customers.

Cloud Admins currently using the NetApp portal to manage users and groups are impacted.

How do I know if I use RDP?

If you use ProContractor Cloud, your connection method is necessarily RDP and you are affected by this migration.

If your use of ProContractor is not via ProContractor Cloud, your connection method is not RDP and you aren't affected by this migration.

Will users receive new login credentials?

When your organization is migrated, all users will receive a new username, but will retain their existing passwords.

The new username is formatted as firstinitial.lastname.companycode@viewpoint.cloud.

If you have questions about your new username, contact your IT administrator.

Note: What's not changing:
  • Passwords - use the same password for AVD as you did for the legacy remote desktop.
  • ERP credentials - both usernames and passwords for logging in to your ERP and other applications are separate, and are not affected.

What is the time line for this migration?

We are doing a gradual migration of all customer organizations from September 2023 through December 2023.

How far in advance will Trimble Viewpoint communicate our migration date to us?

Approximately 1-2 weeks in advance of your company's scheduled migration date, all key contacts from your company and any others who have opted in to receive release bulletins will receive email communications from us. Key contacts are designated in the Viewpoint Customer Portal as individuals in your company who receive certain operational communications.

Can we change the migration date?

It may be possible to migrate your organization sooner than originally scheduled. To explore this option, send an email to vds2avdquestions-ug@trimble.com so we can begin the necessary coordination and preparation.

Postponing any scheduled migration isn't feasible due to the ample work which is required in advance of each organization's migration event.

How do I look up my organization's company code?

Your company code before the migration and after migration is the same. How you obtain this code depends on whether migration to AVD has already occurred:

  • Already migrated - the company code is the 3- or 4-character code preceding the @ symbol of each user name. Your cloud administrator has this code, as does anyone who's already logged in using the new AVD remote desktop.
  • Not yet migrated - log in to the Cloud Workspace admin portal. In the Overview tab, your organization name appears, followed by your company code in parentheses.

Will our access to Vista / ProContractor be paused during this process?

Yes. During the brief period of time we transition you from our current cloud partner to Microsoft AVD, you won't be able to use your ERP.

Typically, the needed downtime is from 8:00 PM PT on your communicated migration date until 3:00 AM PT the next morning, but in some cases the duration may be different. If needed, we will contact you separately and provide you with additional details about your specific migration.

What level of involvement is expected from our company for a successful migration?

Trimble Viewpoint will handle the technical migration entirely.

All cloud desktop users will need to download the new AVD client, and after your organization's migration, use their new username to log in to the remote desktop. In rare cases, there may be additional action required, in which case you will be contacted directly.

You will also need to communicate the migration date and changes to all of your users.

Are my costs / fees changing?

No. This activity does not affect your current contract with Trimble Viewpoint.

Will my Viewpoint or Trimble integrations still work after our migration?

Yes. All Viewpoint / Trimble integrations (Service Tech Mobile, PTE, Viewpoint Analytics, and) work in Azure.

Will my third-party integrations still work after our migration?

Yes. All functioning third-party integrations will continue to work.

Will my previously established IP whitelistings remain?

Yes. All previously established whitelistings will remain.

Does this impact Vista VRL users?

Most likely not. This change applies only to users accessing applications via RDS (RDP).
  • If you are a VRL user and access your Vista application using single sign-on (SSO) or SQL authentication, you won't be affected.
  • If you are a VRL user but you use RDP to access your applications, this will affect you.

Will I continue to manage my users, groups, and applications via https://manage.vds.netapp.com?

No. After your organization has been migrated, you will have a new portal at https://cascade.viewpoint.cloud.

How do I access my cloud desktop after the migration?

  1. Download and configure the AVD client specific to your device.
    Your deviceDocumentation and AVD Download Links
    Windows computerConnect to Azure Virtual Desktop with the Remote Desktop client for Windows
    Mac computerConnect to Azure Virtual Desktop with the Remote Desktop client for macOS
    Apple mobile devices and tabletsConnect to Azure Virtual Desktop with the Remote Desktop client for iOS and iPadOS
    Google mobile devices and tabletsConnect to Azure Virtual Desktop with the Remote Desktop client for Android and Chrome OS
    Computer web browser (any OS)Connect to Azure Virtual Desktop with the Remote Desktop client for Web
  2. Use your cloud desktop credentials to log in:
    • Your new username is formatted as firstinitial.lastname.companycode@viewpoint.cloud.
    • Use the same cloud desktop password after the migration as you did before the migration.

For a video demonstration (2 mins):

What if I have more questions?

If you have remaining questions, you may send them to vds2avdquestions-ug@trimble.com.