Contact screen

Use the Contact screen to manage contacts in the application.

Any "person" entity used in ProContractor must be defined as a contact before you can associate it with another business entity. This includes the people (contacts) that you associate with your customers, vendors, prospects, and projects. In addition, users within ProContractor and employees of your company are also maintained as contacts. If you create a user or an employee that is not set up as a contact, ProContractor automatically creates a contact for you.

Note: Unlike other maintenance functions in the application, there are no codes used for contacts. Contacts are identified only by the five fields that make up the contact name (Title, First Name, Initial, Last Name, and Suffix). It is possible to have more than one contact with the same name.
Note: To open the Contact screen, click Administration > Setup > Contact in the All Tasks pane.

All contacts are available throughout the application. They are not tied to any single company.

If you are using ProContractor Mobile you need to create a contact for each mobile user. The mobile users do not need to be ProContractor users.

Note: The Contact screen is a step in more than one setup process:
  • In the initial setup process, the User Group screen is the next step.
  • In either mobile setup process, the next step is creating mobile users. See Mobile User Settings screen for details.