Document Management Settings Screen Field Reference



Document Routing Distribution Control

Select the checkbox to use document routing to approve documents. If want to route vendor invoices, you also need to set the When Invoice Status is Pending Approval fields on the Accounts Payable Settings screen.

Deselect the checkbox to turn off document routing throughout the application. If you deselect the checkbox, the routing fields on the Contacts/Routing tab are disabled on all document screens.

Multiple Daily Field Reports Per Day

Select the checkbox to allow multiple daily field reports per day for a project. Deselect the checkbox to allow only one daily field report per day for a project.

Note: If you select the Make Available to Web checkbox for a Project, multiple daily field reports are allowed per day for that project regardless of the setting of this checkbox.

Each row in the grid is a document type created by a document management entry function. Use the grid to set defaults by document type.

Document Type

Displays the document type that can be created from a document management entry function.

Require Change Comment on Save

Select the checkbox to make the Change Comment field required when you modify an existing document.

Force Creating Document PDF File on Save

Select the checkbox to always create a PDF file of the document form when you save the document. Deselect this checkbox to enable the Create PDF checkbox in document entry functions allowing you to select when to create the PDF file.

Default Inactive Status Type

This field is enabled for purchase order, subcontract, and subcontract CO document types. Enter the default Document Management Types screen for the document type when the application sets the document to inactive or click to select an inactive status type from Lookup List. This default is only used when the Automatically Set to Invoicing Complete When Subcontract Line Item Is Fully Invoiced checkbox is selected on the Subontract Settings screen.

This field is disabled for all other document types.