Manufacturer Screen Field Reference

Each row in the grid is a manufacturer. Click to add a row to the grid. Click to delete the active row from the grid. See Grids for tips on using grids in ProContractor.




Enter a code of up to eight alphanumeric characters to identify the manufacturer.

Note: Alphanumeric characters include the letters A through Z, the numerals 0 through 9, and all special characters except comma, dash, period, percent, tilde, and single quote. In addition, the code cannot begin or end with a space.


Enter the name of the manufacturer.


Enter any comments or notes about the manufacturer.


Click to select the status of the manufacturer.

  • Active - Manufacturer is available for use and appears in lookup lists.

  • Inactive - Manufacturer is not available for use and does not appear in lookup lists on other screens. However, it persists in previous selections.