Modify an existing version of a form

You can modify any version of a form as long as it isn't the system-defined version.

  1. Open the Modify Forms screen.

    Each row in the grid is a modifiable form. Click next to a form to display the nested grid. Each row in the nested grid is a version of the form. The first row is the system-defined version, which can't be modified.

    • Note: You can filter the data in a column. Click in the filter row to select the filter operator. Then, enter the filter criteria or click to select the filter criteria from a list of valid values. To clear the filter criteria, mouse over the filter row and click .
    • Note: Click Expand All on the quick link bar to expand all the nested grids on the screen. Click Collapse All on the quick link bar to hide all the nested grids on the screen.
  2. In the nested row of the version of the form you want to modify, click Edit Format.
  3. The form opens in Report Builder.
  4. Modify the form in Report Builder. For details, see the Report Builder Help.
    CAUTION: Do not click Run in Report Builder to test the form. If you do, you may get unexpected results.
    CAUTION: Instead, complete this procedure to save the form and exit Report Builder. Afterwards, run the new version of the form to test it.
  5. From the Report Builder Ribbon icon, select Save to save the modified form.
    CAUTION: Do NOT use the New, Open, and Save As commands in Report Builder. If you do, you won't be able to use the form.
  6. From the Report Builder Ribbon icon, click Exit Report Builder to close Report Builder.
  7. If you want to set this version of the form as the default version when this form is used, in the nested row, select the Default checkbox. (You can always select a different format when you generate the form.)