Modify Forms Screen Field Reference

Each row in the grid is a modifiable form. Click next to a form to display the nested grid. Each row in the nested grid is a version of the form. The first row is the system-defined version, which can't be modified.
Field Description
Form Group Displays the forms that you can modify.
Function Area Displays the module in which the report is used.
Nested grid - The nested grid contains versions of each form. You can store several version of a form.
Format Name Displays the name of the version of the form. You can enter a new name for the version with up to 255 alphanumeric characters.
Note: This field accepts special characters (comma, dash, period, percent, tilde, and single quote) that are not generally available in the application.
Edit Click to open the version of the form in Report Builder.
Restore Click to restore the original format of that version of the form.
Copy Click to create a copy of the form. The copied form appears in the bottom row of the nested grid.
Clear Warning Click to remove the warning that appears when the system-designed format of the form has been updated.
Default Select the checkbox to active the version of the form (indicating that it will be used).
Last Revised Date Displays the last revised date of the version of the form.
Last Revised Time Displays the last revised time of the version of the form.
Last Revised By Displays the user who last revised the version of the form.