Tax Authority Link screen

Use the Tax Authority Link screen to specify taxing authorities that will calculate at the same time. When tax authorities are linked, enter the tax authority link designated as the Primary Tax Authority on an entry screen or when setting up a customer or a vendor and ProContractor calculates taxes for the other associated authorities. You can override a defined tax authority link by deleting or adding a tax authority link to an entry.

For example, Pennsylvania has a 6% sales and use tax. The city of Philadelphia has an additional 1% sales and use tax. For this situation, you need to link these two tax authorities. To do this, first create tax authorities for both Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Then, use the Tax Authority Link screen to designate Philadelphia as a Primary Tax Authority with a link to Pennsylvania. When Philadelphia is specified as a tax authority link on an entry screen or when setting up a customer or a vendor, the Pennsylvania is automatically included in the calculation.

Note: To open the Tax Authority Link screen, click Administration > Setup > Tax Authority Link in the All Tasks pane.

Typically, the primary tax authority link is the lowest level tax authority link (a municipal tax authority link) and the linked tax authorities are higher level tax authorities (a district or state).

All tax authority links are available throughout ProContractor. They are not tied to any single company.

Note: The Tax Authority Link screen is a step in the initial setup process. The Payroll Tax Authority screen is the next step.