Key Fields by Import Type

The following table lists each available import type and the key fields for each type.

Import TypeKey Fields
Chart of AccountsCompany, Account
ContactTitle, First Name, Initial, Last Name, Suffix
Pay ClassPayroll Country, Trade-Union, Pay Class, Effective Date
EmployeeCompany, Employee
Employee Time CardCompany, Employee
ProjectCompany, Project
Project BillingCompany, Project, Billing Format, Customer
Catalog Item Price UpdateItem
Purchase OrderPurchase Order Company, Profit Center Type, Profit Center Company, Profit Center, Purchase Order
Customer Invoice Initial BalancesCompany, Customer, Invoice Number
Payroll Initial BalancesCompany, Employee, Year
SubcontractCompany, Subcontract
Subcontract Initial BalancesSubcontract
Vendor Invoice Initial BalancesControl Company, Vendor, Subcontract Company, Subcontract, Invoice Number
Vendor InvoiceControl Company, Vendor Subcontract/Purchase Order Company, Purchase Order or Subcontract, Invoice Number