Import transactions from a Daily Field Report

You can import employee time cards from a Daily Field Report using the Import Transactions screen. To import Work in Progress data from a Daily Field Report, use the Import Data screen.

Note: You cannot re-import a Daily Field Report after it has been imported. If you need to make changes to employee time card data that you've already imported, edit the employee time card data on the Enter Time Card by Employee screen. Edit the Daily Field Report on the Enter Daily Field Report screen.
  1. From the All Tasks pane, select Administration > Utilities > Import > Import Transactions.
  2. In the Import Type field, click and select Employee Time Card - Select DFRs from the drop-down.
  3. In the Posting Group field, click and select the posting group from a Lookup List. The only available posting groups are those associated with companies and pay systems to which you have access.
    Note: If either of the following is true, the import will fail.
    • The posting group you selected contains at least one check that has been printed correctly and has a status of Ready to Post.
    • The posting group you selected is currently in use by another user in the Start a Payroll Cycle screen.
  4. Click Select DFRs. The Available Daily Field Reports lookup list appears, displaying all companies' DFRs that have not been imported.
    Note: To filter the lookup list based on the pay period of the posting group, select the Include DFRs from the selected Pay Period only checkbox.
  5. In the Available Daily Field Reports lookup list, select the checkbox for each DFR to import and click OK.
  6. Click Get External Data.
    Note: When you get external data, ProContractor retrieves and validates the data from the Daily Field Reports. This process may take a few minutes. A progress bar indicates that the process is still working. In addition, ProContractor creates and saves an Excel file containing DFR data to the following path:

    C:\Program Files\Maxwell Systems\ProContractorMX\DFR Excel Files

    If the import type already has external data from a Daily Field Report associated with it, ProContractor doesn't retrieve any new data. Click Clear at any time to clear the data for the import type so that you can retrieve external data again.

  7. If there are invalid records, displays a warning, giving you the option to stop the import and correct the invalid records before proceeding. Do one of the following:
    • Click Yes to stop the import. Go to the next step.
    • Click No to continue with the import. Skip to Step 10.

      CAUTION: Viewpoint strongly recommends that you correct orphaned records before continuing with the import. If orphaned records are not corrected before continuing, the records will be lost and you will have to enter them manually.
  8. Review the Failed Records and Orphaned Records tabs as described in the Import Transactions Screen Field Reference to identify the invalid records.
  9. Edit the data in the Daily Field Reports to address the invalid records.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 until there are no invalid records.
  11. Click Import to import the valid records.

    If there are invalid records (because you selected Yes in step 6), ProContractor creates the following Excel files:

    • Problem Records - Contains information about the failed records.
    • Failed Records - Contains the failed records.

    Use the Problem Records file to identify the specific records with errors. Use the Failed Records file to correct the records.

    After importing employee time card data, you must calculate taxes and deductions for the posting group on the Calculate Taxes and Deductions screen.