Cash Receipt History screen

Use the Cash Receipt History screen to create a report of customer payments posted within a specified date range. Receipts are shown based on the general ledger posting date, not the invoice date. You can print or save this report.
Note: To open the Customer Invoice History screen, click Customers > Reports > Cash Receipt History in the All Tasks pane.

The report has a summary version and a detailed version. The summary report shows one line per cash receipt in a portrait layout. The detailed report groups and subtotals transactions by receipt. It shows one line per payment posting date and transaction type in a landscape layout. Transaction types include receipt entry, receipt adjustment, and void receipt.

For more information on running this report, see Run and Print Reports.

You can control the output of the Customer Invoice History report by entering details in one or more of the following fields on the Options tab:

  • Report From Date - Enter the start date for the report, click to select the date from a date picker, or click to enter a date formula. If you want to save the information in the date field when you save the report options, you must use a date formula. This field is required.
  • Report Through Date - Enter the end date for the report. This field is required.
  • Date Type - indicate whether you want your chosen date range to consider the payment's Posting date or the Deposit date.
  • For these fields, any selections you make can limit the number of records returned in the report. If no selection is made for a given criteria, all records appear for that criteria in the report:
    • Company
    • Division
    • Payer Type
    • Payer
    • Profit Center Type
    • Profit Center
  • Sort By - Select how you want to sort the report, whether by Deposit Ticket, by Payer, or by Profit Center.
  • Detailed/Summary - Select Distribution Detail to show the most detailed report, indicating which receipts were applied to which invoices. Select Receipt Detail to see just basic details about each receipt. Select Summary to show only the amount of each receipt per line.
    Tip: You can use the Modify Reports screen to customize the format and layout of this report. If you have done that, click to select the version you want.