Enter Customer Invoice screen

Use the Enter Customer Invoice screen to create a customer invoice entry. You can configure the line items of the customer invoice as well as the revenue type, project, change order, cost code, and division. In addition, you can include tax authority information and change the taxable amount or the tax amount.

When you save a customer invoice, ProContractor creates a PDF file for the invoice. The PDF file is attached to a binder item for the customer and project.

You must have the software required to open a PDF file installed on your computer to be able to view it. You can also send an email with the PDF file as an attachment. You must have MAPI-compliant email software - such as Microsoft Outlook - installed on your computer to send an email message with an attachment.

Note: To open the Enter Customer Invoices screen, go to Customers > Invoices > Enter Customer Invoices.
Note: After creating or modifying a customer invoice, you may want to post it using the Post Customer Invoices screen.