Employee Pay History

Use the Employee Pay History screen to generate a report of employee pay information, including total hours, gross earnings, expense/per diem amounts, taxes, deductions, and net pay by check. Initial balances are included on the report. Negative amounts on the report indicate that adjustments have been made. You can print or save this report.
Note: The gross earnings amount does not include expense and per diem like it does in many other reports. Instead the expense and per diem amounts are listed separately on the report.
You can control the output of the Employee Pay History report by entering details in one or more of the following fields on the Options tab:
  • Select Format - If you have modified the format and layout of this report on the Modify Reports screen, select the version to use for this report. If you haven't modified the report, this field doesn't appear.
  • Report From Check Date - Enter the starting check date for the report , select to choose the date from a date picker, or select to enter a date formula. If you want to save the information in the date field when you save the report options, you must use a date formula.
  • Report Through Check Date - Enter the ending check date for the report.
  • Company - Select one or more companies for the report. If no companies are selected, all companies appear in the report.
  • Employee - Select one or more employees for the report. If no employees are selected, all employees appear in the report.
  • Detailed or Summary - Select Detailed to show one row for each time card line sorted by date worked and time card line number. Select Summary to show hours and earnings totals by check or by cost code depending on the Sort By method. Select Sort Level Summary to show hours and earnings totals by employee or profit center depending on the Sort By method.

For more information on running the report, see Run and Print Reports.