Federal Unemployment Tax Report screen

Use the Federal Unemployment Tax Report screen to create a report of employer accrual and employee withholding for federal unemployment insurance (FUTA in the United States and EI in Canada).

This report includes total wages, exempt wages, and taxable wages. The report only includes employees assigned to pay systems to which you have access.

You can print or save this report.

To open the Union Detail Report screen, go to Employees > Reports > Monthly/Quarterly Payroll Reports > Federal Unemployment Tax Report.

You can control the output of the Federal Unemployment Tax Report by entering details in one or more of the following fields on the Options tab:
  • Select Format - If you have modified the format and layout of this report on the Modify Reports screen, choose the version to use for this report. If you haven't modified the report, this field doesn't appear.
  • Company - Select one or more companies for the report. If no companies are selected, all companies appear in the report.
  • Year - Choose the year for the report.
  • Quarter - Choose the quarter for the report. Select All to show all quarters for the year and the year-to-date total in the report.
Tip: You can use the Modify Reports screen to customize the format and layout of this report.

For more information on running the report, see Run and Print Reports.