Start a Payroll Cycle screen

Use the Start a Payroll Cycle screen to initialize the processing of a payroll cycle.

To open the Start a Payroll Cycle screen, click Employees > Payroll > Start a Payroll Cycle in the All Tasks pane.

When you start a payroll cycle, you specify the cash account, pay period end dates, check dates, period numbers, and whether this is a standard or non-standard pay cycle. You also associate a posting group with the payroll cycle. All payroll transactions in the payroll cycle are included in this posting group.

The posting group that you associate with the payroll cycle must have a status of either Inactive or Entries in Process and it cannot contain any time card entries. If the posting has a status of Inactive, the status will be changed to Entries in Process after you start the payroll cycle.

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Note: After creating or modifying a payroll cycle, you may want to enter time card data on one of the following screens: