View Payroll Check Log

Use the View Payroll Check Log screen to create a list of posted, encrypted payroll checks.

Note: You can control whether or not encrypted copies of payroll checks are created by using the Create Encrypted Check setting on the Payroll Settings screen.

You can select to view payroll checks for a specific company, employee, document type (for example, advice or check), journal sequence, or date range. You can also select to view payroll checks for employees who have a personal email address in their employee records. You might select this option to filter the list for checks that you want to email.

From each record, you can open the attached document to view, print, or email the check from this screen. To view the check, you must have the software required to open a PDF file—such as Adobe Reader—installed on your computer. To email the check, SMTP email settings must be specified for the company in the Company screen.

You can customize the way the data is displayed using filters, calculations, groups, and more. See Customize Grids for details.