View Payroll-related Vendor Invoices

View the automatically created vendor invoices for employee deductions, such as garnishment payments.

Complete the required setup in Payroll. There are two main components:
  • For each payroll company:
    1. Go to Employees > Setup > General > Payroll Settings.
    2. Select the Generate AP Invoices when Posting Checks checkbox.
  • For each applicable employee:
    1. Go to Employees > Setup > Employee
    2. Select the Deductions tab.
    3. In the AP Invoice Settings section, set up the payroll deduction(s) you want the system to create invoices for.
For an employee record set up with vendor information, ProContractor automatically creates the applicable vendor invoices during the payroll process.

To view the invoices which were created automatically during the payroll process:

  1. Go to Vendor > Invoices > View Auto Vendor Invoice from Payroll.
  2. Enter one or more dates:
    • Payroll From Check Date and Payroll Through Check Date
    • Void From Check Date and Void Through Check Date
    Note: If you provide all four dates, the grid displays only invoices which were created and voided within the respective ranges.
Invoices meeting your selection criteria appear in the grid - invoices created are listed first, followed by invoices which have been voided.
Process and pay the invoice(s) in the same way you process any other vendor invoice.