Edit Forms T4 (Canada) screen

Use the Edit Forms T4 screen to verify the accuracy of the information on your T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid slips and modify the information as needed. These forms are applicable only to Canadian companies.

There are a few reasons that you might want to modify this information, including:
  • You don't have complete payroll data entered for the year because it was your first year using ProContractor and you didn't load initial balances.
  • You haven't properly set up all of the needed payroll fringes and deductions in ProContractor.
  • Some of the data is based on the Employee record from the last payroll you ran for that employee in the year, so it's possible some of the information could be incorrect; for example, the employee address.
  • Additional earnings need to be added for tax reporting purposes.
    Important: If you use Aatrix W-2 report filing, Aatrix provides the option to review and edit information before filing reports. If edits to Form T4 information are required, use Aatrix. Changes made on the Edit Forms T4 screen in ProContractor are not reflected on T4 slips.
    To open the Edit Forms T4 screen, select Employees > Quarter and Year End > Edit Forms T4 in the All Tasks pane.
    Note: If you modify any company or employee information on this screen, ProContractor uses the new values on any tax forms for the payroll year. However, the changes aren't saved in the company or employee record. If you need to make any changes permanent, you must also modify the Company screen, the Payroll Settings screen, or the Employee screen.

All amounts on the T4 slip are for the selected province. If an employee worked in more than one province, a T4 slip is created for each province. Use this screen to adjust the information for the current payroll year. You can also use the Enter Payroll Initial Balances screen to modify the month-to-date and year-to-date amounts for an employee.

Refer to the interactive T4 slip on the CRA website for the most up-to-date information when reviewing T4 slips.

For more information about working with this form, see these pages:
Note: The Edit Forms T4 screen is a step in the end-of-year payroll process. The next step can vary:
  • If you want to print T4 slips, the Print Forms T4 screen is the next step.
  • If you want to file T4 slips electronically, the Export Forms T4 screen is the next step.