Print Forms T4 (Canada) screen

Use the Print Forms T4 screen to generate T4 slips for your employees. You can print the report on a blank T4 slip or create and file slips electronically using Aatrix Report Filing.
Warning: If you use Aatrix T4 report filing, you must edit T4 information via Aatrix. Changes made on the Edit Forms T4 screen in ProContractor are NOT reflected on T4 slips. Aatrix gives you the option to review and edit information before filing reports.

You must file the T4 information return and give or mail the T4 slips to employees by the last day of February.

Viewpoint recommends that you use the Payroll Settings screen to close the last quarter of the tax year before printing your T4 slips. Closing the last quarter of a tax year prevents payroll checks from being posted or voided in that year.

Tip: Viewpoint recommends that you save the T4 slips you generate, in case you need to reprint them later.

To open the Print Forms T4 screen, click Employees > Quarter and Year End > Print Forms T4 in the All Tasks pane.

You can control the output of the Print Forms T4 report by entering details in one or more of the following fields on the Options tab:
  • Select Format - If you have modified the format and layout of this form on the Modify Forms screen, click to select the version to be used for this form. If you haven't modified the form, this field doesn't appear.
  • Company - Click to select one or more companies for the report. This field is required.
  • Tax Year - Click to select the tax year for the report. Note that ProContractor will print the forms in the format for the current year, no matter what year you select.
  • Province - Click to select the province for the report. You must create a separate T4 slip for each province in which an employee worked.
  • Employee - Click to select one or more employees for the report. If no employees are selected, all employees appear in the report.
  • Printing Copy to Give to Employee - Select this checkbox to create the report for the employee and exclude the Payroll Account Number from the report.
Tip: You can use the Modify Forms screen to modify the format and layout of this form.
For more information about working with this form, see the following topics:
Note: The Print Forms T4 screen is a step in the end-of-year payroll process. Exporting a file for electronic filing is the next step.