Generate and Print Forms W-2

  1. Open the Print Forms W-2 screen.
  2. In the fields on the Options tab, enter data as needed to control the report.
    Tip: You can save the data entered and use it the next time you run the report using the Report Settings pane. See Save Report Options for details.
  3. Click Run Report.

    The report displays on the Report tab.

    Note: Viewpoint recommends that you verify the accuracy of the information on your forms and make changes, as needed, before printing or saving them. There are several reasons you might want to modify this information, including:
    • You don't have complete payroll data entered for the year because it was your first year using ProContractor and you didn't load initial balances.
    • You haven't set up all of the needed payroll fringes and deductions in ProContractor.
    • Some of the data is based on the Employee record from the last payroll you ran for that employee in the year, so it's possible some of the information could be incorrect; for example, the employee address.
    • Additional earnings need to be added for tax reporting purposes.
    To make changes to any forms, close this screen and open the Edit Forms W-2 screen.
  4. Optional: Click to set the page setup options.
  5. Optional: Click to view a preview of the printed report.
  6. Click .
  7. Click Print.