Deductions screen

Use the Deductions screen to define payroll deductions.

To open the Deductions screen, click Employees > Setup > Deductions & Fringes > Deductions in the All Tasks pane.

Payroll deductions are amounts taken (deducted) from an employee’s check. Deductions can be taxable or tax-exempt. Some deductions are optional and elected by the employee, some may be mandated by an employer, while others may be mandated by a union. Deductions are not company-specific. This function is used by payroll staff. There are a number of ways to apply the deduction after you have defined it.

For example, you can:

Note: Deductions are only calculated during standard payroll cycles.
For more information on working with the Deductions screen, see the following topics:
Note: The Deductions screen is a step in the employee setup process. The Fringe Benefits screen is the next step.