Fringe Benefits screen

Use the Fringe Benefits screen to define fringe benefits. Fringe benefits are amounts paid by the employer and calculated during the payroll. Most fringe benefits are provided by an employer, such as company-paid healthcare. Others are linked to unions, for instance, a union-paid retirement plan. Some benefits may be calculated only when the employee is working on a project that uses prevailing wages. Fringe benefits can be either taxable or exempt, and are not company-specific.

To open the Fringe Benefits screen, clickEmployees > Setup > Deductions & Fringes > Fringe Benefits in the All Tasks pane.

Once you have defined a fringe benefit, there are several ways you can use it within ProContractor.

For example, you can:

Note: Fringe benefits are only calculated during standard payroll cycles.
For more information about working with the Fringe Benefits screen, see these Help pages:
Note: The Fringe Benefits screen is a step in the employee setup process. The Additional Pay screen is the next step.