Pay System screen

Use the Pay System screen to define pay systems for employee groups (for example, field staff, office staff, executive staff) and assign user access to each pay system.

To open the Pay System screen, click Employees > Setup > General > Pay System in the All Tasks pane.

In many companies, one person may be responsible for the payroll of the field employees while a different person is responsible for the payroll of office or administrative employees. Payroll for upper management employees may also need to be handled separately. By establishing pay systems, you can ensure the confidentiality of every employee's payroll information.

Note: If the Use Pay System field in the Payroll Settings screen is set to no security, you cannot make any changes to this screen or add additional pay systems.
For more information about working with pay systems, see the following topics:
Note: The Pay System screen is a step in the employee setup process. The Payroll Cost Account screen is the next step.