View Employee Setups screen

Use the View Employee Setups screen to view how employees are currently set up.

To open the View Employee Setups screen, select Employees > Setup > View Employee Setups in the All Tasks pane.

Tip: You can customize the way the data is displayed using filters, calculations, groups, and more. See Customize Grids for details.

Setup data lists are available for the following:

  • Employees
  • Employees-Direct Deposit
  • Employees-Employment Status
  • Employees-Local/Misc Tax
  • Employees-Automatic Time Cards
  • Employees-Additional Tax Factors
  • Employees-Recurring Pays
  • Employees-Paid Time Off
  • Deductions-General
  • Deductions-Company and Accounts
  • Deductions-State/Province and Local Overrides
  • Fringe Benefits-General
  • Fringe Benefits-Company and Accounts
  • Fringe Benefits-State/Province and Local Overrides
  • Additional Pays-General
  • Federal Retirement & Unemployment Insurance Rates
  • Federal Retirement & Unemployment Insurance GL Accounts
  • Utilization Regions
  • Income Tax Table
  • Insurance Classes-General
  • Insurance Classes-GL Accounts
  • Insurance Policy
  • Payroll Cost Accounts
  • Pay Systems
  • Payroll Calculation Methods
  • Pay Status Change Reasons
  • Payroll Settings
  • Withholding Statuses
  • Trade/Unions
  • Pay Class Pay Rates
  • Compensation Packages
  • Compensation Rates Pay Rates
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Time Off Rates
  • Work Locations
  • Work Locations By Company
  • Withholding Tax Determinations
  • All Deduction-Fringe-Additional Pay Setup
  • Report Category - Insurance
  • Report Category - Union
  • Report Category - Deduction and Fringe
  • Report Category - Certified Payroll
For more information about working with employee setup data, see the following topics:
Note: The View Employee Setups screen is the last step in the employee setup process. Continue to the bid & proposal setup process.