Enter Project Manager Worksheet screen

Use the Enter Project Manager Worksheet screen to create a new project or update an existing project based on the details of an accepted bid. This screen is typically used by a project manager or accounting personnel.

Once you win a bid, you must move the estimate into accounting so that ProContractor can accumulate and track costs.

Before you move the estimate into accounting, you should “clean up” the estimate to ensure that costs are budgeted in the correct cost type and cost codes. Make sure that you have allocated overhead based on your methods and reallocated any plugged numbers.

Note: Binder items attached to the bid are not copied to the project when it is created from the Enter Project Manager Worksheet screen.

Each project is identified by a project number. You always have the option to enter the project number manually. In addition, if the Auto Assign Project Number checkbox has been selected in the Project Settings screen, you can choose to have ProContractor automatically assign a project number. This eliminates the need track project numbers and may be particularly useful if you manage a high volume of projects or if you want to use meaningful project numbers. You can add a prefix to a project number to identify or categorize the project. For example, you might specify a prefix that contains the four-digit year, so that each project number includes the year in which the work started. Prefixes are defined in the Project Settings screen.

Note: To open the Enter Project Manager Worksheet screen, click Estimating > Bids & Proposals > Enter Project Manager Worksheet in the All Tasks Pane.