Manage Earthwork Estimates screen

Use the Manage Earthwork Estimates screen to create and manage Earthwork estimates.

You can use an Earthwork estimate to plan all aspects of a job, including excavation, site preparation, earthwork, grading, paving, or demolition. When you create a new estimate, you specify:

  • Job Type

  • Job information

  • Drawing scale

  • Elevation limits

  • Drawing location

When you create an estimate, you can enter a name, location, dates, and a contract for the new job file. You can edit the job information at any time. The job file you create has a TOP file extension, and is stored by default in the Jobs folder. Although you can save a job file in any folder accessible by the computer, Viewpoint recommends that you save all job files in the default Jobs folder. If you need to move or delete a job, you need to move or delete the job file only.

The job type refers to the kind of the plans used for takeoff. The following job types are available:

  • Plans on a Digitizer - Select this option if you are going to use paper plans on a digitizer board to perform takeoff.

  • Plans on an Image File - Select this option if you are going to import a digital image in to ProContractor and perform takeoff on the screen. You can add digital plans in the following formats: BMP, JPG, CAL, and PDF.

  • Plans from a CAD Import - Select this option if you are going to import an AutoCAD drawing in order to perform takeoff. You add plans in the following formats: DWG and DXF. For more information, see AutoCAD screen.

The job information appears in the page header and footer by default when you print the tabs in the Earthwork module.

Copying a job enables you to create alternative estimates, create backup copies of a job, or create different phases of a job. You can copy a job within the Manage Earthwork Estimates screen or you can copy a job using Windows Explorer. To copy a job using the Windows Explorer, open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder that contains the job you want to copy, then copy the job file with a TOP file extension to another folder or disk on your computer, or to the same folder with a different file name.

ProContractor can automatically save your job every 1 to 60 minutes and can save a backup copy of the job when you switch tabs in the Manage Earthwork Estimates screen. Both of these options are set in the Preferences screen. Viewpoint recommends that you use at least one of these options, otherwise ProContractor only saves your work when you close the screen.

Note: To open the Manage Earthwork Estimates screen, click Estimating > Earthwork > Manage Earthwork Estimates in the All Tasks pane.