Create a new job using plans from a CAD import

  1. Open a job in the Manage Earthwork Estimates screen.
  2. Select Create New Job.
  3. Enter a unique and descriptive name in the File name field. Save the job in the Jobs folder.
    Note: To avoid possible loss or corruption of data within a job file, try to keep the names as short and simple as possible—using only numbers and letters—while keeping the name descriptive enough to distinguish this job from other job files.
  4. Select Save to save the job.
  5. In the Select the Job Type popup window, select Plans from a CAD Import.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Complete the fields as described on the Manage Earthwork Estimates Screen Field Reference for pages 1, 2, and 3.
  8. Select Finished.
  9. In the CAD File field, select Browse and browse to the AutoCAD file you want to import.
  10. Select the file and select Open.
  11. Under Layers, select the layers you want to import or choose All to select all layers. As you select the layers you want to import, a preview of the layer appears in the preview window. Select None to deselect all layers, if needed.
  12. In the Layer field, select the layer into which you want to import the layers:
    • Existing
    • Proposed
  13. In the Window field, select the option button for the tab into which you want to import the layers:
    • Takeoff
    • Area
    • Trench
    Note: You can resize the AutoCAD preview window by selecting on any of the window's corners and dragging the mouse in the appropriate direction. Additionally, you can resize the layer list on the right side.
  14. In the Importing AutoCAD units as area, the application selects the unit of measure. To change the units, select one of the following option buttons:
    • Feet
    • IN (inches)
    • m (meters)
    • cm (centimeters)
    • mm (millimeters)
  15. To import the layers that are currently selected, select Import.
  16. Repeat steps 11 - 15 if there are multiple layers to import.
  17. Repeat steps 9 - 15 if there are multiple files to import.
  18. Once you have completed the import process of all relevant files and layers, select Close.
    If the layers didn't import the way you expected, you could set the elevations of items, delete unnecessary items, and join items that should be connected. For more information, see Takeoff Tab.