Consolidated Balance Sheet screen

Use the Consolidated Balance Sheet screen to create a report of assets, liabilities, and equity for a selected period consolidated for multiple companies. You can print or save this report. You can also drill down to the transaction detail for specific lines in the report. See Working with Drill-Down Reports in the ProContractor Help for general information about drill-down functionality.

For general ledger accounts to be combined for multiple companies they must have the same account code, name, division, account type, and normal balance. If the companies do not have the same fiscal period dates, the Consolidated Balance Sheet may include amounts from different date ranges. For each company selected, ProContractor includes general ledger amounts for each company's fiscal period that ends on the selected period end date.

Note: To open the Consolidated Balance Sheet screen, click Financial > Reports > > Consolidated Financial Statements > > Consolidated Balance Sheetin the All Tasks pane.

You can control the output of the Consolidated Balance Sheet by entering details in one or more of the following fields on the Options tab:

  • Select Format - If you have modified the format and layout of this report on the Modify Reports screen, click to select the version to use for this report. If you haven't modified the report, this field doesn't appear.

  • Company - Click to select one or more companies for the report. This field is required.

Consolidation Name - Enter the consolidation name to appear in the report header.

Period End Date - Click to select the fiscal period and year for the report from a filtered list. If you know the period end date you want for the report, you can enter it, click to select the date from a Date Picker, or click to enter a Date Formulas. If you want to save the information in the date field when you save the report options, you must use a date formula. If you enter or select a date that is not a period end date, ProContractor clears the field. This field is required.

Accounting Basis - Select Accrual to show posted transactions with an accrual accounting basis. Select Cash to show posted transactions with a cash accounting basis.

Include Pending Amounts - Select the checkbox to show both pending and posted activities in the report. Deselect the checkbox to show only posted activities in the report.

  • Show Division Detail - Select the checkbox to show accounts by division, if posting is allowed in divisions other than corporate. Deselect the checkbox to show one line for each account that sums all divisions.

  • Print By - Select Account to group and sort the report by account. Select Subaccount to group and sort the report by subaccount.

  • Print Account Number - Select the checkbox to show the account numbers in the report.

  • Include Zero Balances - Select the checkbox to show all accounts that have a non-zero beginning balance and/or a non-zero transaction amount in the report.

    Tip: You can use the Modify Reports screen to customize the format and layout of this report.

For more information on running the report, see Run and Print Reports.