Drill down from summary information in the report to detailed information

  1. Generate the Consolidated Balance Sheet using the steps above.
  2. In the Report tab, click Switch to Drill-Down View in the footer to make the drill-down indicators visible in the report.
  3. Click on a hyperlink for an amount to open the Account Transactions Report, which displays the corresponding general ledger entries.
    Note: The Account Transactions Report displays entries that fall between the fiscal year start date and period end date of the Consolidated Balance Sheet. For example, suppose you generate the Consolidated Balance Sheet with a period end date of 1/31/2017, and the first day of the corresponding fiscal year is 10/1/2016. If you drill down to the Account Transactions Report from the Consolidated Balance Sheet, the Account Transactions Report displays entries that fall between 10/1/2016 and 1/31/2017.
    CAUTION: Hyperlinks are enabled only if you have access to the associated drillthrough reports.
  4. To navigate back to the Consolidated Balance Sheet from the Account Transactions Report, click Back to in the Report tab footer.
  5. To display the print layout and hide the drill-down indicators, click Switch to Print View in the Report tab footer.