Post Journal Entries screen

Use the Post Journal Entries screen to post journal entries. When you post a journal entry, ProContractor updates any pending cost to posted costs in the general ledger and in any cost centers identified in the distribution lines of the journal entry.

Note: To open the Post Journal Entries screen, go to Financial > Journal > Post Journal Entries.

To create a journal entry, use the Create Journal Entry screen.

The Post Journal Entries screen displays only the journal entry posting groups containing entries that are ready to be posted. In order for a journal entry posting group to appear on this screen, it must have a status of Entries in Process or In Review.

Before posting, you can generate a report on the entries that are ready to be posted in one or more journal entry posting groups. After posting, ProContractor automatically generates a report on the entries that were posted.

For more information on running the report, see Run and Print Journal History and Posting Journal Reports.

Note: Once you post a journal entry, you can no longer modify it. If you need to make changes after posting a journal entry, see Reverse a Journal Entry.